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Elaine and JRS
Elaine Aron & Jacquelyn Strickland,
March 2018, at the HSP Advanced Consultant Training weekend,
Tiburon, California .

What to Know About the HSP Gathering Retreats.

What others are saying about their HSP Gathering Retreat experience.

History HSP Gathering Retreats since 2001.

Retreat. Explore. Discover. Express. Play.
Celebrate. You.

The 4th Colorado HSP Retreat
Fort Collins, Colorado
September 27, 28, 29, 2021

What to know about the 4th Colorado HSP Retreat

An optional Nature as Teacher & Healer Day
Thursday, Sept 30, 2021
9:30 am - 4:30 pm,
for an additional cost.

What to know about the Nature as Teacher and Healer Day here

Registration form for one or both of these events here

Online Events for Highly Sensitive People

Myers Briggs with HSP Overlay Class
Summer 2021 Session


Read my article
" Introversion, Extroversion and the Highly Sensitive Person"
published on Dr. Elaine Aron's website.

A Book Club/Coaching & Educational Opportunity
- 12 weeks starting in March 2021
We will read The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When The World Overwhelms You. Jacquelyn will answer any and all questions, introduce new concepts and research, and provide personal coaching for specific challenges you may face.

Please indicate your interest by sending an email to:
with Book Club in the subject line. Space is limited.

The 37th HSP Gathering Retreat will be held in 2021
-- either in person, if possible, or via a smaller online, virtual retreat. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the HSP Gathering Retreats and the online events.

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Still have questions?
Please email Jacquelyn @

Scroll down to see pictures of past
HSP Gathering Retreats


Past Gatherings & Photos:

Whidbey, 36th HSP Gathering Retreat
36th HSP Gathering Retreat Whidbey Institute on Whidbey, Island,
just north of Seattle, Washington September 25-29, 2019

Menla Retreat Center, 35th HSP Gathering Retreat
The 35th HSP Gathering Retreat
Sept.30 - Oct.4, 2018, - Menla Retreat Center, Phonecia, NY

Gaunts House, 34th SP Gathering Retreat
The 34th HSP Gathering Retreat
June 14-18, 2018, - Gaunts House, Dorset. England

Santa Barbara, California 33rd HSP Gathering Retreat
The 33rd HSP Gathering Retreat
June 1-5, 2017, - Santa Barbara, California

Fennville, Michigan 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat
The 32nd HSP Gathering Retreat
Sept 22 - Sept 26, 2016, - Fennville, Michigan

Estes Park, Colorado 31st HSP Gathering Retreat
The 31st HSP Gathering Retreat
June 28 - July 1, 2016, - Estes Park, Colorado

British Columbia 30th HSP Gathering Retreat
The 30th HSP Gathering Retreat
August 8 - 12, 2015, - Abbotsford, British Columbia

Germany - 29th HSP Gathering Retreat
The 29th HSP Gathering Retreat
May 7-11, 2015, - Duebbekold, Goehede, Germany

Texas - 28th HSP Gathering Retreat
The 28th HSP Gathering Retreat
April 27 - May 1, 2014, - Red Corral Ranch, Wimberley, Texas

Texas - 28th HSP Gathering Retreat
The 28th HSP Gathering Retreat
April 27 - May 1, 2014, Red Corral Ranch, Wimberley, Texas

Sunrise Ranch - 27th HSP Gathering Retreat
The 27th HSP Gathering Retreat
September 26-30, 2013 - Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado

Sweden - 26th HSP Gathering Gathering Retreat
The 26th HSP Gathering Retreat
May 9-13, 2013 - Härjarö Resort, Enköping, Sweden


Sweden - 26th HSP Gathering Retreat
The 26th HSP Gathering Retreat
May 9-13, 2013 - Härjarö Resort, Enköping, Sweden


North Carolina, Oct 25-29, 2012


Land of Medicine Buddha ~ June 7-12, 2012
Santa Cruz, California


23rd HSP Gathering - September 1-5, 2011
Santa Barbara, California


July 21-25, 2011 ~ 3rd HSP European Gathering Retreat,
Wimborne, Dorset, United Kingdom


May 26-30, 2011 ~ 21st HSP Gathering Retreat,
North Andover, Massachusetts


Sept. 2010, Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, California


June 2010, The Haven, Gabriola Island, BC


April 2010, YMCA-Black Mountain, North Carolina


October 2009, Estes Park, Colorado


April 2009, Croydon Hall, Somerset, England


October 2008, Menla Mountain Retreat Center,
Phoenicia, New York


West Coast Gathering 2008
June 2008, Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, California
photo by Brooks Patton


Colorado Gathering - October 2007
October 2007, YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado
photo by Catherine Hopkins


West Coast Gathering, Walker Creek Ranch in California, 2007
June 2007, Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, California


British Columbia, 2006
September 2006, 1st Canadian HSP Gathering Retreat,
The Haven, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada


[No Photo]
June 2006, Walker Creek Ranch,
Petaluma California


UK, 2006
April 2006, Croydon Hall, Somerset, England


photo of Croydon Hall
April 2006 location, Exmoor National Park in UK
Croydon Hall


Group Photo: August 2005
August 2005, Chinook Institute, Whidbey Island,
Clinton, Washington

[ Comments]
photo by Mary, Chinook caretaker

Group Photo: October 2004
Spiritual Beings in Human Form
October 2004, Three Rivers Retreat Center, Sequoia National Park, California

photo by Laura Ciapponi


Group Photo: October 2002
October 2002, Wisdom House, Litchfield, Connecticut


Group Photo:  May 2002
May 2002, Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, California


Group Photo:  May 2001
May 2001, Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, California
Photo by Shane Hathaway

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"The Annual HSP Gatherings offer a unique opportunity to be renewed and validated. Each gathering, since 2001, has taken on its own special energy. I love observing unencumbered HSPs sharing in deep conversations, coming alive with insight, creativity and confidence."

The HSP gatherings were co-created in 2001 by Jacquelyn Strickland with Dr. Elaine Aron.




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