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Proudly announcing the
2008 HSP Gatherings

Proudly announcing the
2009 HSP Gathering
(thus far)

Reports & Pictures from the
2007 HSP Gathering Retreats





Winter    Vol. 4, Issue No. 1    February 2008 | Archives Here

Dear HSPs:

New Years Greetings from Colorado
I hope this finds you entering into a new year filled with confidence
and expectations of new and creative things to come.

JacquelynSounds a bit trite, doesn't it? I know it's hard for some to envision a happier new year, especially if dealing with loss, disappointment, health issues, relationship issues or sometimes just life in general.

But despite that life is at times difficult, we know it can also be incredibly rich and wonderful. There are two things I've recently been introduced to that may help with embracing both the difficult and the wonderful parts of life. They are "maitri" and "tonglen meditation." Both concepts come from the Buddhist faith and I've learned them from a video called Good Medicine featuring Pema Chödrön, a spiritual teacher extraordinaire and a Buddhist nun.

The first concept is "maitri" which translates to unconditional acceptance, compassion and friendship with oneself. The idea is to create a deeply intimate relationship with our own experiences, whether that is pain or joy. Maitri would ask us to begin to allow the fullest range of emotions associated with our experiences into our consciousness.

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