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Proudly announcing the
2008 HSP Gatherings

Proudly announcing the
2009 HSP Gathering
(thus far)

Reports & Pictures from the
2007 HSP Gathering Retreats





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The First Colorado Gathering for Highly Sensitive People
YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado
October 4-8, 2007

photo from ColoradoSomeone once said: "You get what you bring to a HSP Gathering." If that's true, then the first Colorado HSP Gathering was an overwhelming success precisely because of the wonderful and unique energy created by the HSPs who attended from all over the U.S., England and Canada!

On Creativity Night, our final time together as a group, it was truly humbling to be aware of the energy present in the room. The work of Dr. David Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force immediately came to mind. I'm certain many of us were experiencing "vibrational energy levels" of 500, 600 and even 700. (See pages 89-93 in Power vs. Force.)

mooseYes, we were experiencing Love (Level 500) and abbreviated below is what Dr. Hawkins says about that vibrational energy:

"The 500 level (love) is unconditional, unchanging and permanent. Its source isn't dependent on external factors - it is a state of being. It is a forgiving, nurturing, supportive way of relating to the world. It isn't intellectual for it emanates from the heart. It has the capacity to lift others and can accomplish great feats because of its purity of motive."

Cub LakeAnd joy? Yes, many of us were experiencing that level 540 vibrational energy as well. Again, Dr. Hawkins' greatly condensed explanation:

"Inner joy is experienced as love becomes more and more unconditional. It is a level of healing and spirituality, and its hallmark is compassion. This level has a notable effect on others."

I think the special comments below exemplify the essence of the first Colorado HSP Gathering.

"Now that the Gathering is ending, I am feeling a sense of loss in leaving.  This experience was magical and I felt honored for whom I am.  There were so many moments of incredible connections, and I feel incredible love for all of you." ~ Catherine Hopkins, Mansfield, Missouri

bull elk locking horns"I have lived more intensely the last four days than I have in the last four years.  The desert in the song 'A Horse with No Name' comes to mind. And I know my desert will be a lot less lonely because I have people like you in it with me." ~ Carl Mills, Santa Clara, California

"I will put each of you in my pocket, knowing that I will take each of you with me as I continue along my road. And I am reminded once again, that 'this is the real world.' " ~ Peter Messerschmitt, Port Townsend, Washington

"Sitting around for the creativity sharing last night gave me such an incredible feeling of love…I felt an outpouring from my heart to all of you who were there, and I also felt and received this love from you. This was priceless."
~ Colleen Shannon, Elmhurst, Illinois

And, in closing, I would just like to express a heartfelt "Thank you" to each of you for supporting me and these wonderful HSP Gatherings. The love, joy and pride I feel at each one is truly priceless.

With love,


Here is our group picture taken by the professional photographer in our midst, Catherine Hopkins, of Cath's Nature Photos.

Colorado 2007 Group Photo

group at Grand LakeFinally, here are just a few more comments shared:

What went well or what did you enjoy most?

  • Of course, the people! Also the variety of activities and free time to explore or not
  • Hearing Elaine and Jacquelyn speak
  • I was impressed by both the quality of the informational sessions, and the openness and generous spirits of the other people of like mind and heart.
  • My expectations were met and exceeded in spades! I found coping skills for my trait and tangible hands-on concepts.
  • Everything was wonderful - enjoying new friends in a caring and safe environment.
  • I loved horseback riding, hiking, creativity night, and feeling 'normal' for awhile.
  • I loved connections and intimate conversations with individuals.
  • It was great meeting people that are so genuine and watching them come to life and feel safe enough to share more of who they are. It's a wonderfully safe environment that you have created.

What did you learn about yourself?

  • That is really helpful to see how others are working with their trait, and how amazing it is to find yourself that at ease with others.
  • That I am blessed to be a HSP and the only time I don't feel that way is when I have not been disciplined enough to respect it as much as the parameters of the world we live in.
  • That I can connect with others in a spirit of what I call "right relationship" where we don't cling to each other or preach to each other, but rather value our shared humanity and our diversity.
  • Although I am slowly relaxing into it, I still have some reluctance around the 'priestly advisor' role.
  • I am an empowered priestly advisor working to my calling and that with others like me, I thrive.
  • I need to take greater steps to assure my sleep.
  • I learned more than words can say.
  • Others have similar sensitivities, and even though we are HSPs we are still really different people.
  • I am taking another look at my complexes (but it's kind of complex).

What would you tell another person considering attending a HSP Gathering?

  • Do it. Don't deprive anyone of you. Don't deprive yourself of them.
  • It's a life changing experience.
  • It was so worth it for me, and I would hope it would be for you too.


So, are you convinced by now to attend a HSP Gathering?

I hope so.

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