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Proudly announcing the
2008 HSP Gatherings

Proudly announcing the
2009 HSP Gathering
(thus far)

Reports & Pictures from the
2007 HSP Gathering Retreats





Winter    Vol. 4, Issue No. 1    February 2008 | Archives Here


June 2007 Walker Creek Ranch

Group Picture for West Coast Gatheirng Retreat, June 2007Like a mother, who loves all her children equally, if not differently, so too are my feelings regarding the HSP Gatherings. Each one is special in its own way, and each creates its own energy. I'm just the observer and gentle guide who enjoys watching the process unfold.


Here are a few comments and pictures from Walker Creek Ranch, June 2007:

Neil Turley, from Victoria, B.C. is our DJ extraordinaire with Jacquelyn at the impromptu dance

"I've found that I'm truly not view of the world has changed - irrevocably." I am no longer a stranger in a strange land. ~ RD

"I have love for every one of you...I've experienced an awakening and I am taking you all back in my heart." ~ Julia

"I've had an epiphany this weekend, and made incredibly beautiful real connections I'll never forget. I'm leaving with confidence." ~ Merrill

Peter Messerschmitt, Barbara Collins, and Jacquelyn"The Gatherings have helped me recognize my value, thereby accelerating my spiritual growth. I have been 'emboldened' to put out to the world who I am without fear."
~ Barbara Collins, Sacramento, CA

"I feel love here which makes me feel love for myself and who I am." ~ Marge, Oakland

"Each gathering has been an eye-opening experience. I can 'BE' with my shield down. You are my tribe, my chosen family."
~ Peter Messerschmitt,
Port Townsend, Washington

"There has been something missing my whole life - for 31 years now - and at last I've found people like me... I feel 'found.'" ~ Sue, New Zealand

"I take myself wherever I go. I know I need look no further. I know where home is. It's time to take what I know as a HSP and use it in the world. I have a message and something I want to teach." ~ Neil

"Honor your healing process, no matter how long it takes. No matter what you think you can or cannot do, the world needs you, the HSPs!"
~ Dr. Barrie Jaeger

Hope to see you at the next
Walker Creek Ranch
HSP Gathering -
June 19-23, 2008
Register Here


Photo: Camping out with Karie Klim, a moderator on HSPBook, and Dr. Barrie Jaeger, author of Making Work Work for the HSP


Karie and Barrie in tent



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