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Co-hosting a HSP Gathering Retreat

I'm frequently asked: "Can you hold a HSP Gathering near me?" And now my answer is finally: "Yes! But I need a co-host to do so." And what is a co-host?

A co-host can be just one person - you - , or a host committee who researches affordable retreat centers in nature, with various lodging options available from camping to private rooms. (I like to honor as many HSP budgets as possible.) The co-host(s) are responsible for the deposit money required by most retreat centers.

How Do I know How Many HSPs Will Attend?

That's a good question, one I've been struggling with for five years now. The number one tip here is to commit to the smallest number the retreat center will allow. That will ensure that you will not be paying a percentage for those not in attendance. We need at least 20 HSPs, and no more than 35 to make a successful retreat.

What About Advertising?

Word of mouth has been our most successful way of advertising --that, plus announcing the gatherings on the web sites of Elaine and myself. If you like, you can research holistic and alternative newspapers in which to place a small notice. I say a 'small notice' because the HSP Gathering Retreats are ideally for those who have read Elaine's work and who have integrated it into their daily lives -- not necessarily for those just 'curious' about the trait.

Over the years, each HSP Gathering Retreat has taken on a life uniquely its own, even though a familiar format has evolved. For example, we always have:

  • a limited number of interesting educational break out sessions,
  • lots of free time, in nature, with more being added each year ;
  • a few guided imageries, and journal writes;
  • a getting to know you optional exercise at the beginning; and
  • a closing circle to share our experiences.

Anything Else?

Yes. Co-hosting involves a lot of detail, organizing and networking. The reward for you is that you (our your co-hosting group) become a contact person in your region for other HSPs wishing to form communities for events, support or just friendship. You (or your group) will also receive one free conference fee for your efforts.


I have previously managed all aspects involved for creating a successful gathering, and I love creating them! However, I am no longer able to organize the details and devote the necessary time and work to my expanding client base and my new teleclass involvement.

To inquire further about co-hosting a HSP Gathering Retreat in your region, please contact Molly at

*The one exception here is a possible celebration of the HSP Gatherings here in Colorado in the Summer of 2007. Stay tuned.


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