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Knowing Something
by Les Davies

Today it rained
bringing out the beautiful crisp colors of nature.
Welcome to the world of the HSP!

Here I am
photographing the green expanse of the fields,
the quaint atmosphere of ancient England,
the lonesome but contented shed,
in the garden of a white blazing mansion
of an eccentric German madman
who shares his heart with myself.

'A beautiful place full of beautiful people',
Jacquelyn said. As I said,
Welcome to the world of the HSP!

A peaceful world of civilized chat
and reasonable politeness,
of quiet concern, and caring.

Hey, this is the place to be, my friends!

Starlight at night
and in our eyes
Sunbeams in the day
and in our hearts.

All are welcome.
Share this moment.
Seize the day.
Live life.

Way to go, dude!

Simple pleasures give subtle joy.
Soft music, and soft smiles.
Would you want it any other way?

tending to one's own
and each other's needs,
respecting oneself and each other.

Pondering, thinking, feeling, sensing.
Empathy and understanding.
Souls converging in a common knowing.
Knowing something special, precious, and unique.
Knowing someone like you...

Les Davies
7 April 2006





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