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Highlights of the San Francisco (Marin) HSP Gathering Retreat
June 14-18, 2006 - Walker Creek Ranch
compiled by Jacquelyn, Lydia Puhak, Dan Snyder

Even though this gathering was one of the smallest, we still had many highlights that made it special:

  •  the processing our group did to avoid taking on unwanted energies, and to regain our sense of cohesiveness, trust and enjoyment
  • the nurturing environment in nature - always a plus
  • the freedom to come and go as we pleased, practicing the motto for all gatherings:  Focus on Needs, Not Approval            
  • Feelings of anticipation and relief that ebbed and flowed together
  • The thrill of new and safe opportunities to explore and validate my sensitivity
  • All the lovingly prepared meals by the kitchen staff at Walker Creek Ranch
  • A mindful connection with a spiritual energy
  • Swimming in Turtle Pond
  • Sitting around the campfire at night
  • Seeing new and familiar faces
  • Sharing a few poignant results from the Nature as Healer break out session
  • Reading aloud from some of our 'journal writes'
  • A rewarding hike to the highest peak on Walker Creek, with coastal and pastoral views
  • All the little Bambies and their mothers
  • Creativity Night - where not one of us in the room left without shedding a tear or two
  • Having Dr. Elaine Aron as our guest speaker is always a great addition
  • Having Dr. Barrie Jaeger share her passionate presentation on Money, Ethics & Spirituality. According to Lydia, "Barrie's energy is like a warm glow of porch light that beckons you home on a foggy eve."



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