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A newsletter from Jacquelyn Strickland   |    May 2004 Vol. 1 Issue 2



Occasionally we feel guilty when we stand up for ourselves or think we don’t have a right to our own opinion; however, every human being has certain rights in interpersonal situations.  The following list gives a brief account of some of them.   


1.                  the right to refuse requests from others without feeling guilty or selfish

2.                  the right to feel and express anger and other emotions

3.                  the right to feel healthy competitiveness

4.                  the right to use your judgment in deciding your own needs

5.                  the right to make mistakes

6.                  the right to ask for consideration, help and/or affection from others

7.                  the right to be treated with respect

8.                  the right to tell others what you needs are

9.                  the right on some occasions to make demands on others

10.              the right to ask others to change their behavior

11.              the right to have your opinions and ideas given the same respect and consideration others have

12.              the right to have opinions different from others and not assume you’re wrong

13.              the right not to have others impose their values on you

14.              the right to take the time you need to be able to sort out your reactions

15.              the right to get the information you need

16.              the right to set your own priorities

17.              the right to choose not to assert yourself

It might be helpful to journal about the specific Rights you have the most difficulty with.

Adapted from:  Facilitators Manual,

Virginia Neal Blue Resource Center




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