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HSP Gathering Highlights

2004 West Coast Gathering

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Defining Personal Power

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A newsletter from Jacquelyn Strickland   |    May 2004 Vol. 1 Issue 2

HSP Gathering Highlights

A new theme of Creativity … Elaine’s talk is “Creativity & Sensitivity: A Joyous but Tumultuous Union.” Chuck Hansen is orchestrating ways for you to share your own talent, gifts and skills with other HSPs …. (Email Chuck for details.) [Click Here for the registration form]


          A new place, St. Anthony’s Retreat Center (half way between LA & SF) is just outside of Sequoia National Park. It offers beauty, nature’s wisdom, and a place for renewal with other HSPs. And … we’ll take a field trip on Sunday, October 3 to visit the Giant Sequoias.


          Since the theme is Creativity, we are inviting you to share your own talent with us. If you’d like to perform, please contact Shane for information on our evening performance gatherings. (See Registration Form.)



Some of the gathering will be devoted to a Panel/Small Group Discussion format called a “Personal Experience Panel.” One panel will be about work, and the other representative of the HSP Subcultures.


In the work discussion group we’ll share our own discoveries/solutions about our work journey(s). Later, we’ll discuss how to make the most of our HSP subculture with questions like “What a (insert HSP Subculture here) i.e., a Creative/Artistic HSP would most want the world to know is …….” We’ll dream big, hoping to also incorporate our Priestly Advisor visions as well.


Beila Krow, and Nick Rodin will be back this year. (See Gathering Archives, at ). Nick will be one of several performers treating us to an evening of classical guitar, plus his own songs about being a HSP. Beila is back to facilitate a skills, coping, and sharing discussion with other Physical Reactors. This HSP subculture can encompasses tendencies toward anxiety, depression, allergies, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, sleeping concerns, and other chronic physical discomforts.


Another important guest and presenter will be Dr. Barrie Jaeger, author of Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person. I will be presenting the Coping/Thriving Skills & Insights workshop offering what we must to do thrive.


The early registration deadline is JUNE 15 …. The final deadline is July 15. After that, the conference fee goes up to $240 and late registrations will be subject to space available. If you bring someone new, you can each take an additional $5 off the conference fee if registered before June 15.


Please try to carpool from SF and LA …. Email Shane (see Registration Form) to connect with other carpoolers.



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