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Spiritual Practices of HSPs


2009 HSP Gatherings:

The 2nd European HSP Gathering Retreat
   2-6 April, 2009,
    Somerset, England

The 2nd Colorado HSP Gathering Retreat
    October 1-4 , 2009,
    Estes Park, Colorado

Reflections from the 2008 HSP Gathering Retreats

"Personal Reflections from My First HSP Gathering"
    by Sherri Neilson

A Report from the East Coast, Catskill Mountains
    by Phil Fimiani




Winter 2008-09 | Archives Here

Warm winter greetings dear HSPs,

Jacquelyn at October Obama Rally in Fort Collins, ColoradoWhat a year 2008 has been! It seems our world is, once again, in the midst of turmoil. Observing historic job loss, home foreclosures, the crumbling stock market, Wall Street bail outs, and terror attacks, has been unsettling at best. I think we are undergoing a historical paradigm shift many of us have been a part of and anticipated for quite a while!

As Caroline Myss says: "We are living at a great turning point in history...witnessing a shift in all the power structures of great nations and systems of this planet as they tumble out of control while struggling to remain in control..." She further says: "Our time has come...we are no longer 'waiting' for the era of consciousness to begin...we are that era..." I am grateful to view these changes, from the comfort and warmth of my home, not with trepidation, but with hope and anticipation.

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