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Warm Winter Greetings

Spiritual Practices of HSPs


2009 HSP Gatherings:

The 2nd European HSP Gathering Retreat
   2-6 April, 2009,
    Somerset, England

The 2nd Colorado HSP Gathering Retreat
    October 1-4 , 2009,
    Estes Park, Colorado

Reflections from the 2008 HSP Gathering Retreats

"Personal Reflections from My First HSP Gathering"
    by Sherri Neilson

A Report from the East Coast, Catskill Mountains
    by Phil Fimiani




Winter 2008-09 | Archives Here


Few of the Many Spiritual Practices of HSPs

No matter what holiday celebrations you participate in, I hope you can find time for your own spiritual practice. And, please, if you would like to do so, I'd be delighted to receive a description of your own spiritual practice. Please send them to me via email.

I share these HSP spiritual practices as my gift to you.

With love and gratitude,


Lake Dunmore, Vermont"There is a greater good, our purpose behind all life...I strive to be in harmony with that goodness and express it in every way I can."

"Close relationships and a search for connectedness and meaning....also the observation of nature seems to me the closet thing to what others describe as religious .... Just something about how the flowers grow, how the grass moves in the wind...it's more about feelings to me ...it's attempting to nurture the right brain part of me..."

"I connect with spirit through meditation, conscious living, and through music. I also try to practice patience, kindness, and generosity with others."

"I am a practicing Roman Catholic layperson with liberal philosophies and ideas. My spiritual path is influenced by this. I pray to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I also make time to just be in God's presence through quiet meditation or centering prayer. Social justice issues are also important to my spiritual journey - being aware of the needs of God's people who are oppressed and discovering how if any way, I can help."

"I am a former practicing Christian, and sometimes miss the many benefits of that practice and relationship to God. I have thought about going back to the church, but am unsure right now. I miss having a higher being to talk to ...but then again wonder if it's just my inner soul that I'm talking to..."

"God. I attend a bible study group that is smaller than an average church environment. The environment is non-judgmental and comforting which allows me to become closer to God and his word."

"Nature, wilderness, and its beauty connect me to the voices of angels who serve as guideposts along my journey. Staying tuned into this 'frequency' is not as challenging as it once was, because I now know how to tune into it ... and it is a very comforting, nurturing and lovely place to be. As a child, I was lucky to lay in green grass, feeling wonder, as I watched the clouds forming and passing by. As an adult, I try to get out into nature to see and feel the clouds, stars, wind, sun, sounds, and beauty. This is my connection, this is my heart home. I am strong here, and filled with God's gifts - as I perceive them to be - hope, faith, peace, love and joy.

"A core belief/knowledge of the inner-connectedness of all things, past, present, and future - big or small - and a oneness or connection to that place of all or nothing and being open in that moment and finding peace with what is."

"Varied - draw from many spiritual and religious practices - like a palette - depending upon the painting/drawing I feel prompted to create that day, that moment. Examples: walking, meditation, yoga, writing, quiet in Nature, centering, focusing, church, labyrinth, journaling."

"I have been a Christian my whole life, but about 3 years ago, I first discovered silent prayer, and that is when my spirituality really began to bring me peace and joy. So now, each day, I use a QiGong session just to stand in silence for 15 minutes and do slow movements for 15 minutes. I can now connect with an extreme feeling of peace quite often. I can also find that peace in natural settings."

"When I have it -- it's like feeling that I am part of everything -- people and the world -- and I'm okay and so is everything else. My mind has expansion, and I feel peaceful. But I am not able to remain in this state for long, and then I forget about it totally. I'm in the push-pull feelings with me - me and the world."


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