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2010 HSP Gatherings:

Black Mountain,
North Carolina
   April 8-12, 2010,

Gabriola Island,
British Columbia

    June 11-15, 2010,
    The Haven

Petaluma, California
    September 2-6, 2010,
    Walker Creek Ranch

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Lessons Learned
    October 2009 HSP Gathering
    in Colorado

Grief and Loss
    Important Things
    to Know



February 2010 | Archives Here

Winter greetings dear HSPs,

Once again, it has been quite a while since connecting with you. And I want you to know it’s not because I haven’t thought of you --- I have --– it’s just that I’ve been “in” for much of the last few months. I rather like being in … especially when it is by choice and purposeful, which has been true for me. In fact, I’m writing an article “In by Choice, Out with Purpose” to be shared in the next issue of my newsletter.

Photo: Jacquelyn and family:
husband, Steve, sons Graham & Hayden
with daughter in law Lindsay
and grand puppy Daisy.

But for now, I’m coming out with new energy and looking forward to the three HSP Gathering Retreats to be held this year. The new focus will be: Connect, Explore, Relax and Renew.

How are you? If you find yourself feeling unmotivated, stuck, or just plain not interested in making New Years resolutions, then you might be interested in the feature article on grief and loss inspired by lessons learned at the last HSP Gathering here in Colorado. Several of my clients are working their way through grief and loss and I dedicate this article to them and others on this healing journey.

Meanwhile, I do hope to see many of you again at one of the HSP Gatherings or meet you for the first time.


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October 2009, Estes Park, Colorado


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