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A quarterly newsletter from HSP, Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC
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HSP Gathering -
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsWe HSPs, as part of our trait, seek lots of detailed information about new opportunities that we may wish to explore. We want to make sure that we will feel safe venturing out into new environments. HSPs who are new to embracing this trait, may almost expect to become overwhelmed as they have, perhaps, had little exposure to events that provide a truly nurturing atmosphere compassionate to the HSP nature.

The intention behind designing the HSP Gatherings is to provide a nurturing environment for us to come together with others like ourselves so that we may feel safe to explore and grow. It is a magical treat to be among other HSPs - where better than to "just be?"

With this said, please know that HSP Gatherings evolve. Although the dates are planned months in advance, the specifics of each one are not planned very far in advance because I have learned to honor the dynamic evolving process of each gathering. Each gathering needs to occur, be processed, shared and learned from.

A process I have been honored to witness since the first gathering in May 2001 has been the spiritual evolvement of the HSP Gathering Retreats. This has brought me much joy, as I have been privileged to witness the very special HSP energy, vibes, frequencies and synergy as it culminates over the course of four days together. As I have said many times, "I love watching unencumbered HSPs in deep meaningful conversations while growing stronger with insight, confidence and creativity."

The one thing I know to be true about the Gatherings is the type of energy created: freedom, acceptance, joyous puttering, authenticity and love, cannot be planned ... and I'm glad about that.

As Neil Turley, a participant at the PNW 05 Gathering and my co-host for the upcoming British Columbia Retreat said: "I realized I didn't have so much to 'heal' from as I did to 'reveal.' Through revealing I have started on a new course towards happiness which has greatly surprised me."

I hope what I have shared above is a helpful preface to the following answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: When is the East Coast Gathering this year?

A. There will not be an HSP East Coast Gathering this year - 2006. We do have plans for an October 2007 Gathering in upstate New York. Stay Tuned.

Q. When will the registration form for the San Francisco area HSP Gathering be available?

A. I hope to have a Registration Form available by late March, 2006.

Q. How much will the Gatherings cost?

A. The exact amount depends on the location of the venue and its prices for lodging and meals. We figure the Conference Fee according to an estimated budget of our expenses. Past costs have ranged from $433 for camping; $567 for double occupancy; and $625 for private room, shared bath options. Costs cover four nights and eleven meals.

Q: When will we see a complete agenda for the UK gathering?

A: The complete agenda is now finalized, although subject to change. I am coordinating with Elaine, who, much to my relief is much slower than me when it comes to making decisions, or being part of plans or motivations that change. And she is so authentically genuine about it all. I love working with her, and it has encouraged me to trust my own voice by trusting in the process. I am also coordinating with a co-host in the United Kingdom, Angela Dunning.

I admire others who can commit to deadlines and communicate in a meaningful timely way. My own process is more of an evolving one, based on inner motivations and insights. And I often don't know where this will lead. Again, it's a trust the process sort of thing.

Q. Where would I find the info for the week in September at The Haven for the HSP workshop in British Columbia?

A. The only information we currently have are the dates and the place. The dates are: September 23 - 27, 2006 and the place is The Haven, www.thehaven.com. A Registration Form will be available in early June.

Q. What is a co-host?

A. A co-host is a new term Neil and I just created. It stemmed from his desire to have a HSP Gathering Retreat in his neck of the woods.

Not only did Neil Turley research and find a suitable place, he also put up the deposit needed from most resort places, and has been willing to volunteer his time to handle a few of the many details involved.

Q. How do you determine the speakers and select the breakout sessions?

Rather than finding professional speakers which would increase the cost of the gatherings, I instead enjoy offering speaking opportunities to HSPs who have attended previous gatherings. I have found many HSPs are incredibly talented with much wisdom to offer, only they have never had an audience.

Although the educational components of the HSP Gatherings are important, they are only a small portion of what actually occurs at a Gathering. Rather than the focus being on any one speaker, or educational topic, I have come to honor the spiritual development of each gathering.

I have found it incredibly meaningful to give we HSPs an audience, so we always have a Creativity Sharing Night and an Art Night which puts the spotlight on 'us.'

I am also programming more time to process the experiential learning and growing that seems to occur.

Q. Do you know what the agenda will be for the HSP Gathering in San Francisco or British Columbia?

A. No. Most of my energy is going to our first European HSP Gathering Retreat. I have learned it is important to create an equal balance between retreat time, education time, group time, personal time and process time.

Q. Do you know how long Elaine will be there?

A. Yes, Elaine usually spends 3 - 4 hours with us at each Gathering. Sometimes she and I decide on how long and when she will be there, only to have it change just days before the Gathering takes place. Again, it's honoring our HSP process.

Q. Can I come late?

A. Yes, of course. The motto for each gathering is always: "focus on needs, not approval." This is a new concept for many HSPs, and we have found it delightfully nurturing and enticing. For example, you can come and go as you wish, sleeping through breakfast, a workshop, or leave any workshop early if it is not meeting your needs. No one takes offense, as we all honor each person's choice to "focus on needs, not approval."

Q. Can I come for only a portion of the HSP Gatherings?

A. Hopefully, the answer to this question will always be yes. It again depends on the how the process has evolved. We do try to make a one-day registration option available if at all possible.

Please let me know if you have additional questions that I can answer in this space.

Q.Do you know when and where the San Francisco Bay Area HSP Gatheirng will be this year? And when can we register?

A. Yes, it will be June 14 - 18, 2006 (ending in time for Father's Day celebrations). The venue has changed from Santa Sabina to Walker Creek Ranch for several reasons. Space was too limited at Santa Sabina, and WCR has added camping as an accommodation option, which is great news for those on tight budgets. And hopefully we can swim in Turtle Pond again. See: www.WalkerCreekRanch.org A Registration Form will be available soon.

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