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Summer Greetings


2010 HSP Gatherings:

Black Mountain, North Carolina
   April 8-12, 2010,

Gabriola Island, British Columbia
    June 11-15, 2010,
    The Haven

Petaluma, California
    September 2-6, 2010,
    Walker Creek Ranch

A Report from the 2nd
European HSP Gathering Retreat

Tribe magazine
    Introducing a new magazine
    for HSPs

HSP World Network
    Introducing a way to connect
    with HSPs worldwide


HSPs & the Undervalued Self
    Notes from Dr. Elaine Aron's
    talk in Somerset, England

On my nightstand
    My Stroke of Insight
    by Jill Bolte Taylor



Summer 2009 | Archives Here


An Exciting New Quarterly Magazine for
Highly Sensitive People

2008 GatheringI met Tina Bentley at the 15th HSP Gathering Retreat™ held at Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenicia, New York in October of 2008. It was a pleasure to observe her come alive with confidence, creativity and insight – not only into herself as a beautiful, authentic, HSP woman, but also as an Empowered Priestly Advisor who has found a way to put her gifts to work for the benefit of other HSPs.

Please read the introduction from Tina below. Here she shares how her idea for a magazine grew from just a seed, into a full blown production with the first issue due out sometime this Fall.

Congratulations Tina … I am thrilled to support you in this endeavor and wish you all the best with Tribe: Your (HSP) Passion, Our Purpose.


The Gathering Tribe

By Tina Bentley, Publisher Tribe magazine and Tribe Online Community

Tribe coverI’m excited to announce the launch of Tribe, a new social network site and magazine created by and for the HSP community. Our tag line says it all: “Your Passion. Our Purpose.” We’ve created a vibrant and positive environment that encourages the exchange of talent, insight, and experience for sensitive people. By becoming an active member of the Tribe forums, you’ll have the opportunity to help select the content of and contribute to our quarterly magazine, Tribe.

Tribe’s website is nearing completion, I invite you all to visit us there, poke around, learn who we are, and how we work. Then please register. (http://tribe.paramimedia.com)

We want to know what you think. But first, let me share how this all began….

As a magazine publisher for many years, I’ve dreamed of creating a community of people interested in life beyond themselves, people who sought true meaning and purpose in their lives. I’ve also long recognized that extraordinarily talented people are not always able to put themselves “out there,” to live authentically and follow their dreams.

Tribe vagabond
Tribe stories are about how HSPs live amazing beautiful lives.

Because of this, I’ve wanted to create a network that provides strength and support to those like-minded people so they can more easily get “out there” and achieve their potential. I envisioned crafts people, artists, writers, healers, photographers, personal development coaches, and small independent retailers all working to create a strong and vibrant community—together.

The Seed is Planted

In 1997, I read Elaine Aron’s The Highly Sensitive Person. High sensitivity wasn't a new concept for me. I'd lived with the trait all my life, often acknowledging it as a curse and a blessing. Because I’ve always embraced the positive aspects of being HSP and the accompanying creative and intuitive skills, I’ve enjoyed a successful publishing career. Elaine Aron confirmed what was true for me; but more importantly, she increased my understanding that the majority population has little or no concept of the HSP’s depth of thought processes, feelings, and intuitive skills.

In October 2008, I attended my first HSP Gathering Retreat™ hosted by Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC at Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenicia, New York. I was struck with the palpable spirit of other HSPs. Their voices were comforting, their mindfulness was awesome, and peacefulness enveloped us all. The experience grounded me; put me into a space where I operate at my best. I began to realize the importance of gatherings for HSPs and how comforting HSPs must be to people in the wider world—at least those people who are open and willing to accept a more sensitive perspective. We all know that the wrong environment with unaware, insensitive people can have us “walking on eggshells,” trying to avoid conflict, compromising our need for authenticity.

During the gathering, I was surprised by the extraordinary depth of talent in the community, so much of it unrecognized by the individuals themselves. I remember thinking during Creativity Night: What do I possess that will help some of these very creative people live authentically and pursue their bliss? I recognized that my fellow HSPs were very talented—my benchmarks stemming from my work with some of the best writers, photographers, and editors in the publishing world. I realized I could wed my experience and expertise with my desire to create that strong, vibrant community of like-minded people.

Tribe escape
Tribe stories will focus on issues close to the hearts of HSPs.

A New Species Emerges

Tribe is unique amongst social networking sites; in fact, it’s long overdue. We all love words woven into inspiring stories or into a collection of facts and information that leaves us richer for the experience. We love to see beautiful pictures that allow our imaginations to fly, that help us appreciate the beauty of the artist’s soul and insight. At Tribe, we recognize the power of both traditional print and online media, and we harness the strengths of both.

Our online community is about connection and interaction; and Tribe magazine offers a pure, unadulterated, tactile, and emotional experience, while also being an enduring expression of the community. The truth is, magazines are generally a reflection of the editorial team and not necessarily of the audience they serve. But Tribe magazine is different because it’s our community members that create most of it, guided by a publishing team with sixty collective years of experience.

By offering a direct outlet for your talents and a safe haven for communication, we help increase HSP awareness and create success for the magazine. That success is about fulfilling my own dream of helping people unleash their potential. It’s about using my team’s skills to give HSPs a true voice within a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment.

It’s Your Tribe

Tribe contentsWe need your ideas and contributions for inclusion in the premier issue of Tribe magazine this fall. Join the forums to share your experiences. Don’t worry about the quality of your writing; we can help you with that. We are looking for what only you can provide: thought-provoking stories that inspire us all. We want our magazine to truly reflect the HSP community, so your stories and experiences are crucial.

You can also register on the site for email announcements. That’s the best way to hear about subscription pricing for the magazine and to receive other news from Tribe.

If you’d rather simply join the community to make new friends, we welcome that, as well. The online community is free and you need to register on the forum to comment.

Tell us what you’d like Tribe to offer. Let’s grow our Tribe together.


Click on the “Community” tab at the top of the page to be taken to the forums. If you would like to call me on (972) 517-1567, I’ll be happy to answer questions.


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