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Summer Greetings


2010 HSP Gatherings:

Black Mountain, North Carolina
   April 8-12, 2010,

Gabriola Island, British Columbia
    June 11-15, 2010,
    The Haven

Petaluma, California
    September 2-6, 2010,
    Walker Creek Ranch

A Report from the 2nd
European HSP Gathering Retreat

Tribe magazine
    Introducing a new magazine
    for HSPs

HSP World Network
    Introducing a way to connect
    with HSPs worldwide


HSPs & the Undervalued Self
    Notes from Dr. Elaine Aron's
    talk in Somerset, England

On my nightstand
    My Stroke of Insight
    by Jill Bolte Taylor



Summer 2009 | Archives Here


An Exciting New Way to Connect HSPs Around the World
The HSP World Network

I had a wonderful time at the 16th HSP Gathering Retreat™ held in Somerset, England April 1-5, 2009. It was the most “international” gathering thus far with HSPs attending from Denmark, England, France, India (via Germany), Spain, Sweden, and the U.S.

It was here that a lingering vision finally manifested for me! It is a vision that will answer a question I receive almost weekly in my email box. That question is to varying degrees: “I live in South Africa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Oklahoma, (fill in the blank here) and I’ve never met another HSP in my life. Do you know of any HSPs near me? Or, do you know of any support groups for HSPs near me?

Prior to now, I’ve always reluctantly responded with “Sorry, my data base is not set up to connect HSPs either nationally or internationally.” I’ve felt bad about this because of my own experience (and privilege) to connect with hundreds of HSPs around the world since 2001 when Elaine and I first co-founded the HSP Gathering Retreats.

Somerset group
The international group from the Somerset Gathering, April 2009

So, now I am so happy that I can finally say “Yes! I do most likely know of HSPs near you.” With your help and membership in my new program, HSP World Network, there is a way for you to connect with HSPs around the world.

The program has two parts: (1) Community, Information & Support and (2) Cost-Conscious Travel through HSP Homes Stays! Please visit the HSP World Network here:


and yes… when my sons are not home visiting I will be a part of the cost-conscious home stay program.


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