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HSP Poem,
Charles Gulotta

Notes from Fall 2003 East Coast Gathering

2004 East Coast Gathering
March 15 - Early Registration Deadline

2004 West Coast Gathering

Making Work Work,
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A newsletter from Jacquelyn Strickland   |    March 2004 Vol. 1 Issue 1

East Coast Gathering in April
Register by March 15 for reduced rate!

photo of treesSome of you might not know that we switched the East Coast gathering from October to Spring?

We did this mainly to accommodate Elaine who divides her time between San Francisco and New York. She lives in New York from January - May 1st. Little did I know what a headache it would be to switch dates and find a suitable place for our East Coast Gatherings - not to even mention the California Fall 04 headaches! At one point, I was close to canceling the East Coast Gathering for this year.

But...things have worked out.... I am eager to pass on to you the details since the date is coming up much faster than I would like!

A registration form and other details are available at my website:

Elaine's web site will soon be undergoing major changes, and we thought putting the extensive Gathering information at my site would be best. There will still be a link on to lead you to information on the Annual Gatherings.

So, without further adieu,

Announcing.... drum roll ....the
3rd Annual East Coast Spring HSP Gathering Retreat!

April 22 - 26, 2004
Bryn Mawr Mountain Retreat Center
Honesdale, Pennsylvania
North of the Poconos, West of the Catskills
in the Upper Delaware River Valley,
on 165 acres of lawns, woods and meadows

Registration Fee: $225
Deadline in April 1, 2004.

If you send in your payment prior to March 15
take $15 off Registration Fee

Register here.

Elaine Aron, PH.D.
Sunday, April 25, 2004

"From Feeling One Down to Being an Equal:
Healing HSPs So We Can Heal the World"


"Understanding our Body's Messages"

Other BreakOut Sessions listed at

Hope to see you there.


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