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HSP Poem,
Charles Gulotta

Notes from Fall 2003 East Coast Gathering

2004 East Coast Gathering
March 15 - Early Registration Deadline

2004 West Coast Gathering

Making Work Work,
book review


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A newsletter from Jacquelyn Strickland   |    March 2004 Vol. 1 Issue 1


Book Review:
Making Work Work
for the Highly Sensitive Person

Dr. Barrie Jaeger's book is finally out! Her concepts of Drudgery, Craft and Calling are crucial to those of us who have or are struggling with the world of work. The final paragraph of Dr. Jaeger's book brings tears to my eyes:

"I'm certain many HSPs will need the deeper and more elusive true Calling. It is here... that we have to be ready to be self-reliant, ...and trust that our inner voice will never let us down. We will expand beyond our normal HSPness, while taking our sensitivities with us. Sometimes the problems of the world need more than intellect or emotion - they need our soul's wisdom.... We may have to trust, not our local community paper, but the soul's unique 'classified section' that lies deep within each of us."

Thank you Barrie!

You can purchase this book, with great savings, at Elaine Aron's website: and click on HSP Store. You can visit Barrie's website at



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