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Is Everything Okay?

What I've Learned

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Charles Gulotta

Notes from Fall 2003 East Coast Gathering

2004 East Coast Gathering
March 15 - Early Registration Deadline

2004 West Coast Gathering

Making Work Work,
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A newsletter from Jacquelyn Strickland   |    March 2004 Vol. 1 Issue 1

What I've Learned

One of the things I know we HSPs need to do in order to thrive is to feel our feelings fully. We can't deny them, for they will only fester and grow larger and more complex. Here are a few suggestions for fully feeling our feelings:

  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling(s) you are having;
  • Try to give the feeling(s) a name. For example, my own feelings in "Is Everything Okay" started out as 'sad.'
  • Become aware of where you are feeling this energy in your body. I was feeling my sadness in my chest and heart area.
  • Imagine that you are 'opening a door' to this area of your body, to this feeling, and to the energy the feeling possesses.
  • Just stay with this felt sense. Notice and observe it. Is anything changing? What are you feeling now? For example, in my own experience, I went from feeling sad, to feeling fearful, then to feeling helpless, then to feeling powerless.
  • Know that you will be okay. Stay with that energy, zoom in on it. As I stayed with my feeling of powerlessness, it slowly turned to anger. As I stayed with the feeling of anger, it slowly turned to a sense of relief, which then turned into a sense of 'choice,' which then turned into a sense of determination. Ah, I was feeling better already.

By doing this exercise (several times I might add) I was able to let go of the sadness and become clearer about what my intuition was saying - which was to do everything within my power in the up-coming election to make my values and my voice heard. I have been hesitant to speak with my son's friends, for example, for fear of being seen as 'interfering.' Yet, now feeling stronger, I know I will begin dialogues whenever the opportunity arises without fear of judgment.

Which leads me to another thing I know we HSPs need to do in order to thrive: Develop our intuition and go forward with it, without a fear of judgment. We might need support from a friend or counselor to do this, but do it we must. For a more in-depth understanding of 'felt sense' try reading an old favorite book of mine: Focusing, by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D. Note: I might add a word of caution: if you are clinically depressed, it might be best to do this exercise with your therapist.

For more on "What HSPs Can and Must Do to Thrive" please consider attending the 3rd Annual Spring East Coast Gathering of HSPs in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Details and a Registration Form are on my website at

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