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Images of Peak Experiences:
2004 West Coast Gathering, Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC

Nature as Healer
by Marlow Shami, M.S.


2005 East Coast Gathering
Feb. 20 - Early Registration Deadline

A Pacific Northwest Gathering?


a poem by Sandra Pearsall

Prayer to the Creator:
Sisters CD

Book Reviews

Peace in Our Lifetime
Susan Skog

HSP Survival Guide
Ted Zeff, Ph.D.



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HSP Gathering Info

A newsletter from Jacquelyn Strickland   |    Jan 2005 Vol. 2 Issue 1

Prayer to the Creator
Lyrics from the CD "Sisters"
by Maisie Shenandoah & Elizabeth Robert
with special guest Joanne Shenandoah

Great Spirit, whose long houses in the sky
and who is the Creator and Ruler
over woman, man, and all of creation.

Today we come to you as your children.
We thank you that you are our keeper
Both by day and night,
And that you provide for all of our needs.

You have given us the breath of life
And the gifts of Sunshine, Falling Rain and the Three Sisters,
Corn, beans and squash, which sustain us.

As the one who heals our diseases,
We thank you for the plant medicines
And for the powers you have put in nature to heal us.

You have also given us the living grass
To carpet the brown earth,
Swaying trees that give us
Shade and food, and the many animals.

We also have the gifts of shelter and clothing,
And more precious gifts of family and friends.
Although your children could have survived without them,
In your love, you gave us the birds to sing their songs of joy and
To remind us that you know when even a sparrow falls to the earth.
They also remind us that we, too, should raise our songs of joy and Thanksgiving to you for all of your gifts that we receive.

As your children, we now bring this humble
offering of words and melody
Songs that we pray will bless every listener with a firm trust that you are worthy of honor respect and worship.

We also ask that these things will help us to ever remember
That to know you is to love you
For you are all goodness.

When we are hurting you feel the pain,
Your heart even forgives us of our wrongs.
When in sorrow we know that we have injured our brothers and sisters and in this we also caused you to suffer.

As the great peace maker
It is in you that we find our rest
And behold a great hope of seeing you
Come from the Eastern sky on a white horse,

In that day when we end our earthly journey,
We will always be with you
Knowing Life and Peace forever.

Hear our prayer,
Yaw ya

Used by permission courtesy of Silver Wave Records, Boulder, CO USA. For more information or to request a free catalog visit or call 800-SIL-WAVE.

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